Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall 2015 Hair Trends

At Solace we love to try out all the trendy new looks! Take a look below for a few fun ideas to try out this fall!

Low Profile
Most pony tails are placed high on the head to either get hair out of the way or to pose like a 90s cheerleader. This fall, it seems that low ponies are making their debut, so say goodbye to the pony tail crimps as low, loose ponies are welcomed in this season.

Pick a Side
Despite the middle part coming back into style the past few years, side parts are the new trend this fall. The deeper, more dramatic the side part the better. Seeing more hair is on one side than the other, you’re guaranteed instant volume. To add definition, let the extra hair fall forward across the face.

Don’t worry about perfecting this side updo. It’s meant to be a little messy. Working from the left, sweep the hair across the back of your head up off your nape and over to the right so that you have a very rough diagonal part. Wrap the hair with an elastic as though you’re going to make a ponytail, but don’t pull the ends all the way through. Voila! Your messy twist is complete.

Sounds like Bohemian Waves will be in every season. Who doesn’t love the beach wave? Using some sort of texturing product, you can scrunch your hair (for curly hair) or curl it with a big barrel iron (for straight hair). Either way, this hairstyle will make your miss summer this fall!

No, mullets are not back in! The half up, half down styles are a big hit this fall though. Whether it’s a half braid, half ponytail, or any variation of the two, you will look great.

Leggings, PSLs and skyscraper buns will be in your near future! This easy hairstyle involves minimal effort with sleek results. For someone who wants more structure than just a messy bun, this “fun bun” will provide just enough sophistication.

Be bold with bangs! The short hairstyle is cut to sit at the jaw-line in a solid line with the bangs jagged cut to fall naturally on the face to soften the whole boyish hairstyle. The trendy layered hairstyle is excellent for people with naturally straight hair and is suitable for people from nearly all ages.
Hair Painting / Balayage
Foils are so last season! The new rage this fall is balayage, the perfect way to obtain sun-kissed highlights. Balayage refers to the process of sweeping color onto hair using a paddle, which gives the colorist more freedom to place color where she chooses, unlike foils which can be much more precise. 

Give us a call today at 704.795.7627 to set up an appointment for some sleek bangs, hair painting or for a fresh, new cut or color to make these fall trends really pop!

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