Monday, August 24, 2015

The Success of The Marilyn!

Before & After
Our new service, The Marilyn Non-Surgical Facelift, has been so successful just one Marilyn won’t do the trick! In fact, the demand for the procedure is absolutely through the roof and we’ve ordered another Marilyn to keep up with the demand for more appointments (and more BEAUTIFUL faces)!

Several Marilyn lovers are spreading the word about their success with the Non-Surgical Facelift. They’ve reported back to us about friends thinking they’ve lost weight with less than five sessions on their face and necks alone!

Because we want everyone to have a chance at looking and feeling their best, we felt purchasing an additional Marilyn was an absolute must. You know something is working when ladies keep coming back week after week – you know they’re getting some real results!

Just one noninvasive treatment will transport you back in time to your younger self and:

  • Reduce and erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Raise your confidence level!
  • Increase collagen, elastin, ATP production and skin firmness.

Tighten and refine aging skin without surgery or lasers? Beauty without Botox? Is it true? The answer is – YES!

Say goodbye to sagging skin, wrinkles and acne! Come try The Marilyn for yourself at the only spa offering this advanced technology in Concord, Charlotte and the surrounding area!

We appreciate your patience with us when booking appointments, the demand for this new service has been overwhelming and we’re SO happy to see that our clients are so excited for the Marilyn! This is a huge step for Solace and we couldn’t do it without our loyal clients – YOU!

Call now to book your appointment and get one step closer to a new, more confident you! We’ll have your friends asking what you’ve been doing for those results in no time!