Tuesday, April 7, 2015

5 Spring Hair Color Trends You'll Love

All Natural Spring: Color trends neutral and classic for warm weather hairstyles. 

Searching for the perfect update to your hair for spring? This seasons hair colors are trending towards natural and subtle, away from loud and proud.

1. Balayage
Like its best friend “ombre”, the “balayage” technique creates a unique cascade of colors from root to tip of your hair. What separates these color techniques is application and color selection. While the “ombre” is applied using a brush, the “balayage” is applied by hand to even out the transition of colors in the hair. In addition the “balayage” calls for subdued and neutral colors to be added to the hair to create natural highlights.

2. Babylights
With babylights it is all about being subtle, like the soft highlights that appear in your hair after spending a warm, sunny afternoon in the sun. Instead of targeting big sections of hair to be highlighted, individual strands are selected and highlighted to create the natural look. This color trend looks great with any hair color, so brunettes do not be afraid of the blonde highlights!

3. Soft Reds
As the natural, sunkissed tones are sweeping the color trends they are toning down vibrant reds. Soft red tones such as auburn and red with gold highlights are bringing back the classic strawberry blonde. This color trend allows those searching for a pop of color a subdued alternative to the blonde and brunette.

4. Solid Brunette
Coming back into style is the monotonal brunette. As natural as can be, this look is a nice change from ombre and can help you stand out in the crowd. This color trend pairs well with the long bob for a great summer look.

And if these trends are too subtle for you try...

5. Rainbow Colored Roots!
While natural colors are trending this year, bold hair colors are not taboo. Give your roots some colorful attention with this trend. Best for medium length hairstyles with dark hair, bright pink, green yellow or blue can be a fun way to cover unwanted roots and make your own fashion statement this season.

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